Inner Strength (2006)

Inner Strength Lyrics


(Music: Krikos - Tsigkos)
(Lyrics: Krikos - Mazarakis)

Come to my dream and live in the past
Away from the daily confusion
where things they are so peaceful and calm
Away from the madness that we are

Let's follow our hearts and run to our final destination
Discover the things that we have left behind

Travellers, all we are travellers in time
Travellers, a trip to nowhere till we die
Travellers, all we are travellers in time
Cause life is short no matter how we try

A magic light is calling us back
To dive into our imagination
A sparking throb is showing us the path
to enter the channels of time.

Let's follow our hearts and run to our final destination
Get all the things that we lived and left behind


(music: Krikos)
(Lyrics: Krikos - Mazarakis)

Don't you see that we are wanderers?
Don't you feel that we are lost out and cry?
All our dreams turned to shadows
We filled our lives with pain and lies

But I can show you a way
I can show you my own promised land
In a place where together can build a new world
for you and I

For ever and ever let's follow the signs
Together for ever and reach for the sky

We sail far away Far away straight to the stars
We sail far away Far away for a new start

Now we are living our dream
Where we share and we no longer cry
all the questions have answers
And we filled our lives with love and pride

And we can show you the way
to the place that is existing at last
In a land where together
Can build a new world
for you and I


(Music & Lyrics: F. Rose / Jonathan K.)

This is the challenge of a lifetime, lifetime
I saw her standing in the cold, twilight
She is never been in love
She always gave it all away

Lonely Lady, Lonely lady, lady on my mind

This is no ordinary love affair, love affair
Her memories she tries to hide, inside of her
She is never been in love
She always gave it all away

I give her everything and all my love - all my love
This is a perfect chance to show - all of them
She is never been in love
She always gave it all away


(music & lyrics: Tsigkos)

I scream through the night
Too much evil to fight
Nightmares are in sight
I can't stand it, my mind's in confusion.

You spread a bright light
I escape from the mist
Millions of angels deliver my soul to heaven

I finally found a little peace in my heart
Engaged by my willing to risk from the start

Feel all the love in my heart,
Follow the sign of the cross be my guide
I'm trying to escape from the dark, show me the way
Light on the road far from sin
I'll open my eyes, and try to believe
Time has come, i must reborn
Salvation for a bleeding soul

My eyes full of lust
Gloomy memories of past
Try to relive, got to hold on, relight my fire

If I choose the right way
I keep praying every day
Will lord hear me now and forever, it's now or never.

I finally found a little peace in my heart.
My mind's through a conflict to risk from the start.


(Music: Krikos - Tsigkos)
(Lyrics: Alexandropoulos)

Feeling of sadness
Loneliness and pain
Gloomy clouds are covering my days

And nights full of sorrow
Waiting for a star to fall
Hoping that my wishes will come true

I want to see
what is in my mind
What is in my soul,
what is in my heart

A magical shadow is coming through the dark
Showing me the way to go on
You heard my calling, gave meaning to my life
And I'll do everything to keep you by my side

Now it's clear to me, what is in my mind, what is in my soul, what is in my heart.

Because when you touch my heart I feel the magic
Angel of light dances into my dreams
When you touch my heart I feel the magic
Holding me tenderly under your spell.

I wish that my dream will never end
because you are the air that I breathe.
You light the fire that is burning in my heart
and keeps me alive for ever more

Feeling of sadness
Loneliness and pain,
they where just a dream that flew away


(music: Krikos-Tsigkos)
(Lyrics: Mazarakis)

The moon is watching over me
Stars are spying silently
the night calls out my name
Born to fight, to change the world
heart's so warm but eyes are cold
Steps straight across the road

Always alone, against myself against the world
passion rules my lonely way.

In the eye of the storm
I'm living day by day
in the eye of the storm
always live in the eye??

Fairytales sometimes are real
Wounds are difficult to heal
But there is no turning back
Many times tried to forgive
Never stopping to believe
We are made for sins

In the eye of the storm
I'm living day by day
In the eye of the storm
There is nothing left to say
In the eye of the storm
Always stand in the eye??..


(Music: Krikos)
(Lyrics: Krikos-Mazarakis)

We are lost in a time
Where darkness rules in an endless fear
And only the strong will survive, so watch out

Trapped in a circle
Moving round and round until we fall
Spiting venom, breathing fire.

Salvation under the price of pain - we are sinners
We are sinners. we'll never find our own Salvation

We seek and destroy, to feed our vanity
It's the final prophecy

Gazing the fire
And failed to see that life is too short
In a burning path we have to cross, so look out

Blind by the anger
Possessed by the daemons of our fears
Deliver the dark horsemen to rule the haunted years

Accused for our sins
Damnation till the end of time
In the eternal flames of hell
We'll get our souls burned


(Music & Lyrics: Krikos)

For years I was trying to find out who I really am Lost inside my memories that were tearing me apart I was walking down an empty road with tears in my eyes Trapped inside my lonely world and chained from the past

You've always been afraid to face the cruelty of this world trying to stand on your feet and scream against all odds standing on a crossroad and can?t choose which way to go longing for a helping hand to make you carry on

You know that I will never let you down I will always be beside you and hold you tight Never let the people hurt you and never let you cry You know that I will never let you down I will always be beside you and hold you tight Never let you feel alone and always make you smile For all eternity I'll be your shining star

Lets forget the things that were holding us apart Wasted years that gone by and never coming back Now we are together we can make it, so lets try I don't want to see again this sadness in your eyes


(music: Krikos - Tsigkos)
(Lyrics: Krikos - Tsigkos)

All my life I was trying to be myself
Holding on to the dreams that we've both shared
always believe, never repent

And day by day, I'm working hard hanging on a hope
Holding on, feeling anxious to go on
Into this world that sunk beyond

But every night I ease my mind
Where silence rules desires and dreams are know alive

Dreamer of the night
gazing at the burning sky
Dreamer of the night
Setting free my desperate mind

All these fears all these nightmares haunt my way
Solitude is a price I have to pay
I'm standing so week in front of my fate

Now I know that my heart can't stand for long
I'm burning on and my mouth can't speak a word
Break into tears and sing alone


(Music: Tsigkos)
(Lyrics: Alexandropoulos)

Can't you see the darkness is falling?
I'm so scared to go on
Destiny comes before me closing my way
I'm shivering, I'm closing my eyes not see
Why my heart is getting cold
Terrible shadows surround me there is no way out

In the night,
a dark angel is closing my eyes
I can feel that he is so mean
He takes me away to the eternal night
I can't hide.

When the fear siege your heart
I'll be there by your side
In the dark I'm the leading light.
And when you feel you are all alone
Trust the eyes of your soul
You know who I am. Your own inner strength

Trembling lights starts spreading around
Now I know I must fight
I believe I can change my fate if I try
Dreadful shadows are gone, it's not so cold any more
now that I'm reborn
No more nightmares or daemons will torture my brain

In the light the dark angel is loosing his power
He can feel that I'll win
Joyful voices are calling me back to life


(Music: Krikos)
(Lyrics: Krikos-Mazarakis)

We are crossing the heartland
Deep inside in the realms of ancient Greece
A path that have walked 300 men and a brave warrior king

They fought for the future of the land
and with pride they served a higher cause
In a battlefield that was mend to be well known

Cause they have dared to raise their swords
Against two million men they fought
Death is waiting for those who tried
And even the Gods have cried

For the land for the king
debt of honour to steel
They stood for the right
And till the last of them died
Cause the ground was painted red with their blood through the gates of fire

The story is being told so many times
But still is drifting in our minds
Those Sparta's sons have hunted the fate of internal life
And when time comes you have got to know
There is a burning flame in us all,
and march like them in the very path of glory

Long haired divine heroes came here to the gates of fire to fight for their pride to stop the darkness over the light. 300 against hundreds of thousands 3 days of horrible massacre. Faces transformed into death masks. Their eyes dreadful holes...and victory was so close. Then the betrayal. They left their broken bodies one by one on the battlefield obeying the law of Sparta.

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